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I'm a hobbyist and basically a traditional pencil artist majoring in female OC and fanarts. Loves to learn, I explored the world
of digital and last 2011, I got into stamp-making, too, and learned a little animation in the way. I'm happy with what I'm doing
and I hope you enjoy browsing my gallery. Faves and
good comments are always appreciated.
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As an art appreciator and a lover of beauty, I have a vast collection of interesting artworks, writings, and
photographs. If you're curious to see what
I collect, please view my favourites!

I'm particularly interested in anime, traditional and digital oriental drawings and paintings (western style included), photomanipulations, and photographs of nature,
animals, foods, objects, and of
pretty & sexy women.

: favwelcomeplz : by Gasara

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Journal Entry: Mon Jul 7, 2014, 2:01 AM
    Hello everyone! I hope you're interested to join, but I encourage the most those new comers and those who haven't featured anywhere else yet. :thumbsup: By the way, instead of having just one, two or three winners, I think it would be more fun to have more than that--so I'm considering 50 winners. They say: the more, the merrier, eh? :D I believe this way each would have a bigger chance to catch one and win.

Please catch one from

50, 001 to 50, 050

Then show me (by leaving a comment below) the screenshot of my profile page showing of course, the pageview you've caught. You can upload it in your stash or elsewhere; just send me the link to it so I can check. In return, allow me to feature one deviation from you here in my precious journal. (It's one good way of exposing your work)

I hope you guys will participate 'cause I'm very excited to give some a feature. OK, take your time! :ahoy:

If one day I get more points, I might be able to give :points:, cake badges, or PM perhaps, to my next kiriban winners as their prizes. So if you feel generous, I'd be grateful for some donations. :meow:

  • Listening to: Rude by Magic
  • Reading: Shinzon
  • Watching: Shinzon
  • Playing: with Spock

First of all, I feel so lucky that I'm able to get online these months because in last two years, I was completely offline. (Remember? I was abducted by aliens. :lol:) By the way, lately I tried to schedule my submissions and I find this cool! I might do this often while my PM lasts~

So what's up with me? I'm playing otome games lately for the first time and I find guys here super handsome! :love: Just several months ago, I had no idea what is this 'otome' but I saw beautiful characters on the web and I thought it was anime or manga. Surprised, there are otome games available on Playstore so I downloaded some.

Here, I chose Kyo Mitsurugi's route... 'cause he's sitting in the center. :heart:

Oh girls, if you're going to try these, please enter my INVITATION CODE so both of us can get rewards. OK?
  • Bidding for Love: 2dHnFW 
  • Shall We Date? Ninja Love: GSNzTFHWZ2
  • Shall We Date? Angel or Devil: DyDQ2bnU0s
I also tried 'Pirates in Love' but.. pfft! I can't afford to buy characters thus I can no longer continue the game. I like Eduardo pa naman. :meow:

Bastard! He even said that sharks won't be interested in me. :XD:

And yes, I'm currently watching My Love from the Star; it's a rom-com Korean tv drama. Just like Spock, Matteo Do is such a handsome alien. Aww! He was sooooo cool especially in that scene where he emerged out of nowhere (because he has powers) and stopped the car (with his hands) where helpless & panicking Steffi Cheon was inside. And speaking of her, she's so darn funny and although annoying to people around her, I really, really like her personality. "Sahrry."

And I damn love its theme song! (If you're heartbroken, listen to it, too, and sob to death.)

Goosebumps! Goosebumps! :la:
So talking about Korean, y'know guys, I'm currently learning Korean! :la: It's surprisingly easy and you can add this skill to your CV actually. Somehow, I'm able to read & write Hangeul. Continue reading here:…

Apart from what I'm doing everyday, I've started reading manga again since March, but I often stop in the way due to my sched, so up until now I haven't finished the ff:
:star: DEMON DIARY. I like Eclipse and this manga gave me a lot of giggles & laughters. Just like here 

Chris was trying to summon a powerful demon near the area failing to consider Eclipse as one. So when the magic worked, Eclipse who was just standing a few yards away appeared on that summoning symbol. Stupid Chris. :giggle:

:star: MASCA. I'm so in love with this manhwa and I'm so obsessed with Kainen, the demon lord. Each time I finish each chapter, I'm falling hard for him. I find him unique, too, and it ain't easy to disregard his fashion style: love the way he dressed and those nipple ring with chain linking to his navel is fwcking hot! =P Ah, I love demon characters in manga 'cause they're so cool, badass, and immortal. So far, this book is the longest manga I ever considered to read. I usually go for short manga but this one got me so hooked to the bones! And Yorg, an adorable veggie-eating dragon, was so cute & funny and you should meet him, too.

:star: BARAIRO MY HONEY. I just started reading this lately and I'm instantly drawn to the characters and to its unique story. But while reading... I suddenly wished for yaoi or hentai version of this manga. :excited: Hehe! And there, I love Mr. Tiger, too!

:star: Hua Hua You Long. This is the first yaoi manga I got interested to read on last year. C'mon! Those guys are freaking hot & delicious! :la: My oh my, I feel a tad nervous while reading this—I mean, my heart beats a little different. But I think it's just anticipation. After all, I wasn't into yaoi until last year. (Oh, I was quite traumatized. :meow: ) Lately, I've seen updates of this manga so I should continue reading this soon, too.

Actually, I have more than 100 manga to read soon—including Evyione, Midnight Secretary, Anatolia Story—and I want to devote some of my free time to this especially now that I could read it on phone. Hah! In my entire life, I've only read more than 12 manga only, so I deserve to read more! :dummy:

Hey guys, thank you for reading! Til next time again. And pls don't forget to peek at my tumblr any time for some random personal posts. ;)

  • Listening to: Rude by Magic
  • Reading: Shinzon
  • Watching: Shinzon
  • Playing: with Spock


Dancing with ball-jointed dolls, tickling cats, fishing mermaids, enticing the trees, gambling with gods, invading the macaroons kingdom, forking stars, and sleeping under the
moonlight make me happy.

Personality: complex, enigmatic, outspoken (CEO)
Signs: Earth Snake. V i r g o
Appearance: pale and petite
Passions: sniffing books (particularly novels), reading, drawing, collecting arts & anime items, spicy foods, astrology, human behaviors, learning (anything new), reducing my carbon footprint
Hobbies: littering, torturing breads, killing zombies, devouring ice creams, sightseeing, observing, bubblewrap-hunting, daydreaming, net surfing, stamp-making, drawing, reading, writing, cross-stitching, pampering a pet, talking & playing w/ cats
Addicted to: gummy worms
Pet: piranha & vulture
Sports: pillow wrestling, badminton, chasing passenger jeepneys
Radio Stations: Mellow 94.7, Play FM 99.5, Yahoo Music
Listens to: any foreign & lively music from the past to today's big hits
Colors: crimson, copper, beige, pastels
Motto: Regret after trying or regret doing nothing! Halleluya~

Pixel Rose by Kawiku story of my username
❥ Avatar heartrollplz

Too much senior-dArama by prosaixBooks Stamp by Kezzi-RoseI Have A Dirty Mind by parliamentFunk
Never get tired of doing little things for others.
Sometimes, those little things occupy the
biggest part of their hearts.
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My dear Liz, happy belated birthday by 7 seven days! :laughing:Birthday cake  icon :cakelick: Lily Wishing a Happy Birthday happy birthday Fun cake Birthdy-emote Happy Birthday Godliek :D  . I could never resent you! :hug: I've just been so busy with school and I have one class out of three that gives 8 hours of homework. :stayawake: :exhausted:  Can you imagine? That's like a job! :lol: But I never forget about you. Enju Grin Icon 

I actually don't know about Kim Woo Bin, sorry! :laughing: But I will tell you that my greatest crush is Kevin Woo from UKISS, even though I'm a noona. I'm such a pedo!  :floweraroused: :lol: He's a momma's boy and I'm a momma's girl. :giggle: Annnnddddd! I was looking at your tumblr and I am also a Levi fan of Attack on Titan. The more I stared at him, the more I slobbered. Tanaka Laughing Icon 

It's great that we can now edit our comments. :dance: I haven't tried it yet though. :XD:

I do have a bit of sad news however. I won't be on dA probably till December or maybe longer. I'm going on a mini-hiatus. This semester is alot harder in school and I've got lots to do. :( So take very good care of yourself, my friend. I'll be checking your tumblr alot more cause it's so pretty. Happy Holidays, while I am away..... :cheer up hug: Hug emoticon Emoticon: Hug Bunny Emoji-74 (Snuggy) [V4] Tohru hugs Kisa-chan [V1] Cinnamon Rumia free avatar 
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