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I'm a hobbyist and basically a traditional pencil artist majoring in female OC and fanarts. Loves to learn, I explored the world
of digital and last 2011, I got into stamp-making, too, and learned a little animation in the way. I'm happy with what I'm doing
and I hope you enjoy browsing my gallery. Faves and
good comments are always appreciated.
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As an art appreciator and a lover of beauty, I have a vast collection of interesting artworks, writings, and
photographs. If you're curious to see what
I collect, please view my favourites!

I'm particularly interested in anime, traditional and digital oriental drawings and paintings (western style included), photomanipulations, and photographs of nature,
animals, foods, objects, and of
pretty & sexy women.

: favwelcomeplz : by Gasara

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December Update (Call me noona)

Sat Dec 13, 2014, 6:01 AM
Ohayo minna-san! :iconhurrahplz:
It's me again, mylastel at your service ♡. I just came back from another planet, y'kno. =P  Hohoho!

Wow! Every time I come back here, dA always surprise me with their updates. :lol: The other day, I made a short visit on this site and I thought I was redirected to another site. I thought the page was just "broken" so I refreshed it and even checked my internet connection.. until I was convinced that it's deviantArt and they just got a new logo. :XD: Ah OK... But frankly, I'm a bit horrified & disappointed with the design. Oh well, I think I've got to get used to it, too, as usual~ Anyway, I've learned something new from this change: the word "tessellate". Mmm, adding it now to my vocabulary~ Hehe!

Regarding my Kiribanㅡhey, I'm so happy that I finally achieved my goal for my account this year! Yehey! :dummy: Even if no one participated though (or perhaps you ran out of patience), I'm still grateful 'cause whether you know it or not at all, you guys still contributed to my pageviews. Anyway, things seemed to be in favor of me somehow 'cause "my" laptop died last October thus I won't be able to feature deviations if any of you caught my Kiriban. ^^;

That said, I'm on mobile most of the time now and it ain't easy to do a lot of things here that I used to do on a computer. Pfft! I find it hard to even log in on dA so I don't go here that often. Oh, I'm ashamed that I couldn't reply to a lot of messages, so I'm sorry about that. Again, I hope you don't mind if I reply to some really old comments one day. ;) 

To all my new watchers: Hello there and nice to meet ya! :glomp: Wow, I'm so glad you liked my works, especially my stamps yo! :giggle: Promise, I have more to show you guys, but all of them are in "my" dead laptop. IDK when I'll be able to revive it but hopefully I could finally submit some next year. :fingerscrossed: Fufufu... Heaven really loves meㅡloves giving me endless problems. :laughing:

And dear ones, I want to remind you that I don't take stamp requests. But feel free to share some ideas and if I like it, I might do itㅡand on my own terms. Okidoki? :meow: If you can't contact me here though, you can reach me on tumblr → lizmorgasbord. I go there more than on dA actually (plus tumblr is more mobile friendly eh). Feel free to ask anon if you're kinda shy. Hehe~     

Btw, if you were born on 1991 and onwards, pls call me noona/onee-chan/ate or whatever the equivalent of 'big sister' in your language. I'm Asian, that's why~ LOL! Y'know I'm gettin' old here and I enjoy being years ahead of you youngsters. Ahahahahaha! :lol:  

So that's all for nowㅡ Oh, before I vanish, lately I've been playing with my camera apps and I created a character out of stickers. Can you believe it?? LOL! I replaced now my zombie ID pic with this kawaii titan-faced a la Santa. Haha! Enjoy and see ya next time, dear ones :la: Happy Holidays, too~


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  • Playing: Piano Tiles
  • Eating: noodles


mylastel's Profile Picture
Liz Lazuli
Dancing with ball-jointed dolls, tickling cats, fishing mermaids, enticing the trees, gambling with gods, invading the macaroons kingdom, forking stars, and sleeping under the
moonlight make me happy.

Personality: complex, enigmatic, outspoken (CEO)
Signs: Earth Snake. V i r g o
Appearance: pale and petite
Passions: sniffing books (particularly novels), reading, drawing, collecting arts & anime items, spicy foods, astrology, human behaviors, learning (anything new), reducing my carbon footprint
Hobbies: littering, torturing breads, killing zombies, devouring ice creams, sightseeing, observing, bubblewrap-hunting, daydreaming, net surfing, stamp-making, drawing, reading, writing, cross-stitching, pampering a pet, talking & playing w/ cats
Addicted to: gummy worms
Pet: piranha & vulture
Sports: pillow wrestling, badminton, chasing passenger jeepneys
Radio Stations: Mellow 94.7, Play FM 99.5, Yahoo Music
Listens to: any foreign & lively music from the past to today's big hits
Colors: crimson, copper, beige, pastels
Motto: Regret after trying or regret doing nothing! Halleluya~

Pixel Rose by Kawiku story of my username
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Too much senior-dArama by prosaixBooks Stamp by Kezzi-RoseI Have A Dirty Mind by parliamentFunk
Never get tired of doing little things for others.
Sometimes, those little things occupy the
biggest part of their hearts.
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Thank you so much for beautiful stamps! You are a really kind person. :hug:
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your avatar is ADORABLE! :love:
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Your custom box backgrounds are just simply amazing~
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Your art and page are very pretty!

And I love your stamps!
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how do i get youtube video to show fully all i get is the playbar
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